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AUGUST 29, 2023

Forensic DNA Database: Gaining a Better Understanding of its Implications to Society


This hybrid event was held at the PNP FG National HQ in Quezon City, where international speakers shared their expertise on the science & policy of DNA Forensics.

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DNAforAsia 2023 Webinar-II

JUNE 16, 2023

Is decentralized Rapid DNA analysis the future?


Rapid DNA is emerging as a powerful crime fighting technology around the world, transforming the investigative process, and providing leads in the initial critical hours. This webinar was an effort to help Malaysia and other countries in the region learn from the pioneering work of some law enforcement agencies in the United States.

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DNAforAsia 2023 Webinar-I

MAY 9, 2023

Running a Quality Forensic DNA Database Program


The webinar was organised in partnership with the Royal Thai Police and Central Institute of Forensic Science, Thailand, on effective management of DNA databases while ensuring quality parameters.

DNAforAsia 2023 Webinar Series

Highlights of the Thai National Forensic DNA Symposium

NOVEMBER 11, 2022

In a first of its kind initiative, a national symposium & training was organised on the subject of ‘Enhancement of Forensic DNA Capacity in Thailand’. The event brought together all local law enforcement agencies along with international experts to raise awareness for the value of forensic DNA in crime control, train investigators on how to solve complex cases, and explore ways to share, combine, and expand their DNA databases.

Thai National Forensic DNA Symposium

Asian Forensic Sciences Network Symposium 2022


An excerpt from the presentation by Indonesia’s top genetic scientist Prof. Dr. Herawati Sudoyo at AFSN symposium calling for creation of a national offender DNA Database in the country.

Asian Forensic Sciences Network Symposium 2022
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