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DNAforAsia is part of a string of global advocacy groups advancing forensic DNA technology and policy to create a safer and fairer world. Our platform aims to create an Asia Pacific network where governments, criminal justice agencies, academia, & industry stakeholders can share knowledge and collaborate with each other to combat crime, deliver justice, and help in humanitarian identification efforts. Our aim is to strengthen the regional forensic DNA ecosystem so that it can better serve the need for JUSTICE, SECURITY, & IDENTITY.


We believe forensic DNA technology has the power to transform the criminal justice system in a region where most cases still rely on old unscientific methods of investigation and justice is often delayed or denied altogether. While some countries here have shown great promise by expanding their DNA programs over the last few years, we still have a long way to go. 


We’re passionate about raising awareness for the game changing potential of forensic DNA and advocating for policies that allow nations to establish & expand the use of this technology to improve the lives of our people.

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